All PHAB members have the right to represent PHAB on appropriate consultative groups or working parties, with the agreement of the Executive Committee.

PHAB representatives for current groups are listed below. A summary of the different partnership groups and full membership details (all phases) are shown in the following document.

Learning City Partnership Board Laurence Pitt
Learning City - Learning in Education Group Laurence Pitt

Lucy Driver
Children & Families Partnership Board Lucy Driver

Paul Bull
Safeguarding Children (Education sub-group) Emma Payne
Toni Glazzard (EY)

Rachael Thomas (The Hope)
Schools Forum Claire Banks (LA)
Jamie Barry (Academy)
Tim Browse (LA)
Lindsey Fuller (EY)
Mary-Jane Hinchliffe (LA)
Emma Payne (LA)
Anne Rutherford (Academy)
Tracy Jones (Academy)
Hope Virtual School GB Sue Willson

Sarah Salmon (EY)

Representatives are required to report back to the Executive. Please use the following form: