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Our Vision

Our vision for transforming education in our schools...

Our children deserve to be in the best schools in the country!  Ipswich Primary Academies will relentlessly drive towards improvement and excellence for all by empowering and engaging our pupils, staff and parents.  We will build the skills, behaviours and attitudes which will enable us all to be successful and fulfilled.

Our Statement of Intent:

To promote excellence with staff, pupils and parents through high expectations and aspirations for success

To equip every pupil with the skills, particularly literacy and numeracy skills, attributes and basic knowledge to succeed in life

To fully understand the learning needs and barriers of each of our pupils and to carefully monitor and guide their progress in collaboration with parents

To make learning irresistible, relevant and life-enhancing

To retain, train and recruit the best staff at all levels, including governors

To research, develop and implement the best practice and strategies for improvement in all aspects of our operation

To develop strong partnerships for the benefit of all, particularly with parents

We are aiming for...
  • every learner to make great progress to achieve well
  • disadvantaged pupils to do at least as well as all children do nationally
  • teaching and learning that stimulates, inspires and challenges
  • pupils with positive attitudes to life-long learning and the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to be successful in life

Our pupils will say...
  • I am well prepared for the next stage of my education, with good literacy and numeracy skills and a positive attitude to life-long learning
  • I am responsible, resilient, respectful, open-minded and tolerant
  • I have confidence and I am able to take risks
  • I am a good team player because I listen to others and share my ideas
  • I have good thinking, reflecting, enquiry and learning skills
  • I can manage my time, self-motivate, take decisions and lead
  • I want to achieve well and I try my best all the time
  • I am keen to have a role to play in my community and a contribution to make in the future

Our Strategic Priority - securing high performance across all schools so that all pupils by the age of 11 have at least achieved nationally expected levels, with a particular focus on the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils

We are aiming for disadvantaged pupils, as a group across the Trust, to achieve nationally expected levels for all pupils by 2016/17 

(in 2014 this was 79%)