How to Subscribe

Membership is open to all Headteachers of City of Bristol state nursery and primary phase schools, including Children’s Centres and Special Schools with primary aged children, Primary Academies and Free Schools.

Annual subscription fees are collected in the autumn term and all eligible schools are sent an invitation to subscribe or renew their subscription each year.

Benefits of Membership
  • Subsidised annual conference with high quality leadership speakers;
  • Two free PHAB meetings per year (half-day) with topical presentations, guest speakers and opportunities for networking and discussion;
  • Primary phase Headteacher representation on citywide groups and forums;
  • Website with exclusive resources by and for Bristol Heads;
  • New Headteacher programme;
  • Peer to peer support;
  • Regular communications and updates.
Subscription Fees 2018/19

The subscription fee covers release time for the Chair, administrative costs, website, all PHAB meetings and the above services and subsidies. The fees for 2018-19 are as follows.

 Band  Subscription Charge
 These bands align with the group (form entry) sizes.  
 Band A100 pupils or less  £144
 Band B101 to 210 pupils  £206
 Band C211 to 315 pupils  £244
 Band D316 to 420 pupils  £281   
 Band EMore than 420 pupils  £331

Supplementary charge for schools with an additional Executive Head