About Us


PHAB has been working for over a decade to provide a unified voice for all Primary Headteachers in the city of Bristol. Since then it has grown in membership and influence and the Association has never been more important than now. In changing times we provide a positive organisation for all Heads to share and support each other as we continue to strive to improve outcomes for children in Bristol.



PHAB representatives play a key role in shaping education strategy and services across Bristol, through consultative groups and working parties, ensuring that the voices of Headteachers are heard. For a full list of groups and representatives, please click on the link above.



PHAB has highlighted members' key concerns about school funding, and about Special Education Needs and Disability  (SEND) provision in our schools in recent months. If there is an issue about which you feel we should be raising awareness, please get in touch.

Professional Development


PHAB organises a range of events to keep members updated about key issues in education and hosting speakers from OFSTED, the DfE, and other regulatory bodies. We have strong links with local teaching schools, and the Bristol New Heads programme.



PHAB recognises that headship is a demanding and challenging role, both professionally and personally. We aim to support our members' wellbeing and help new heads to develop successfully.

Annual Conference


PHAB hosts an annual two-day conference in March every year, with speakers, development activities and the opportunity to network with other education professionals. Non-members are also invited to attend, space permitting. Please click on the link above for further details.



PHAB links its members together with regular mailings, sharing of information and opportunities for networking. If you are not a member & would like further details, please email phab@bristol-schools.uk